Clock 12
Clocks and time are a main element through out the movie as Sarah is given a certain amount of time in which she must rescue her brother. There are multiple different clocks in both the "real" world and in the Labyrinth world. In the begining of the movie Sarah is an hour late and then later is given 13 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth before her brother is turned into a goblin.

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The different Times, clocks and worlds are shown here in order of their appearence.

  • 7:00pm Real world, park, clock tower.
  • 0:00(pm?) Labyrinth (hill outside the labyrinth it's self) Floating clock that is summoned by Jareth, which disapperas with him.
  • 3:32(pm?), Labyrinth, Jareth's chamber, the wall clock.
    • The time given is also supported by Jareth's quote, "in nine hours and twenty-three minutes, you'll be mine"
  • 4:3(2?)(pm?), Labyrinth, The Cleaner's tunnel.
  • 8:3(2?)(pm?), Labyrinth, The Cleaner's tunnel.
  • (???) Labyrinth, hedge maze, the wise man's garden Sun dial on the ground.
  • 12:00(pm?) Labyrinth (ball room) Clock on a support or shelf of some sort.
    • The time and scene are extremely similar to the tale of Cinderella as both girls are dressed for an 18th century ball in a gown and both leave the ball at exactly 12:00.
  • 12:(45-50?)(pm?) Labyrinth (Jareth's chamber and Goblin city) The wall clock, for Jareth's chamber and two clocks on the outsite of some Goblin city houses.
  • 12:(57?)(pm?) Labyrinth (Jareth's chamber) the wall clock.
  • The hands are constantly turning around at a high speed so no time can be given. Labyrinth
  • 13:00(pm?) Labyrinth, a area with no real name but it seems to be the result of the "Relativity room" breaking apart. A clock that floats about the area.
  • 12:00 pm, Real world, the clock is fixed onto the wall in the living room.

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