Jareth, also known as king of the goblins, rules over the Labyrinth and all of it's inhabitants as it's king.


Over the course of the movie Jareth starts to grow an attachment to Toby such as:

  • (Re)Naming him to Jareth (because he has his eyes apparently)



Times he's tried to hurt/ kill or left her to die:

  • In his owl form (when he flies through the window) he somewhat lunges at Sarah's face.
  • (When Sarah rejects his offer in the begining) he throws a snake at her.
  • He was going to leave her to rot in the oubliete (although he did mention that he sent the dwarf to take her back to the begining of the Labyrinth).
  • He sent The Cleaners after her and Hoggle.
  • When Sarah kisses Hoggle Jareth's promise to Hoggle stays strong which almost sends both Sarah and Hoggle into the Bog of Eternal Stench (which although not mentioned to be dangerous could be in some sense)
  • He gave her a peach to make her forget
  • When he hears that she has passed through the gates (with humonguos guarding it) he is enraged that she got passed, showing that he would of wanted her to die.
  • (On hearing that she passed the gates) he sends his Goblin army to "get her" which involved Goblins with swords, spears, canons, machine gun(?)